Public Speaking & Motivational Talks

Tina Hare

I believe that it is faith, hope, and inspiration that has saved me and brought me to the stage where I am today. I am Tina Hare. My husband was told I would not survive my Aneurysm and that they would not perform brain surgery on me because they didn't expect the operation to be successful.

My husband had faith and never gave up on his belief. I am grateful to him for the constant motivation and support that he has bestowed on me.

Faith In The Lord

"Because they have set their love upon Me, therefore I will deliver them; I will set them on high because they have known My name.”

~Psalms 107:19-20

We all need to know that God is within us, and we will not suffer if we believe in his powers. Never give up on yourself and Lord. After what I have gone through, I wanted to help others come out of their troubles. That is how I became a motivational speaker.

I am available to speak publicly in churches, schools, events, and organizations. I want to help people who are surviving against the odds.